Friday, October 07, 2005

Burn, Hedy, Burn

Andrew Coyne, whose return to blogging is eagerly anticipated by many, has a bang-on column in the National Post today (print edition or subscriber-only on their website) about Svend Robinson’s contemplated return to politics, and other cases of politicians parsing their own ethics, including David Dingwall, PQ contender Andre Boisclair and Dalton McGuinty.

As a Harris Tory, I look back wistfully on his government, under which cabinet ministers actually stepped aside when they were under investigation or committed improprieties. McGuinty promised the same standard, but the cases of Greg Sorbara, Joe Cordiano and Harinder Takhar soon proved him a promise breaker on yet another score.

Returning to Svend: I’m no fan, but if he takes down Hedy Fry I might burn a cross on my own lawn.

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Anonymous said...

Grow up Joan. You really do meet the stereo type of your party. Ignorant, mis-infomormed and close minded.