Thursday, April 20, 2006

D’oh! Re Mi with Ron Schuler

On Saturday April 29th, the Manitoba PCs will choose a new leader through an unadulterated one-member-one-vote process. (The kind that Belinda Stronach suddenly realized was the ne plus ultra of democracy and freedom of speech a few weeks ago. Sorry, I can’t help it.)

This past Monday, the Winnipeg Free Press ran profiles of the three candidates, MLA Hugh McFadyen , MLA Ron Schuler, and Neepawa newspaper publisher Ken Waddell (subscription required).

In addition to the profiles, the Free Press required each candidate to submit to one of those rapid-fire Q&As that are minefields for candidates trying to look hip and intelligent while sticking to their messaging. This was Ron Schuler’s response to the musical portion of the quiz:

Q. Favourite Neil Young song?

A: Long pause, then “Uh, all of them.”

Gulp. And double gulp when I realized that Schuler’s answer was a identical to one of the funniest lines in one of the best Simpsons episodes ever.

It’s the one where Burns sells the nuclear power plant to Germans. In one scene, a German manager is interviewing Homer about his job as the plant’s safety inspector:

Manager: Which safety initiatives have you spearheaded?

Homer: Uh, all of them?

Make that a triple gulp. The name of Schuler’s riding is . . . Springfield.

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