Thursday, June 15, 2006

Channelling “Carrie” on a Thursday morning

I was waiting in line this morning to buy a coffee. The guy ahead of me had brought his own mug, a blue glass job bearing the unmistakeable logo of OPSEU – the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. Silently I cursed OPSEU and all public sector unions.

I looked away for a few seconds, then heard a loud “pop” and breaking glass. The OPSEU mug had exploded into several large pieces after its owner filled it with fresh coffee. No one was injured, but I suspect my look of contentment might have put Mona Lisa to shame.

One of the coffee shop staff pointed at me jokingly, saying “she did it.” Well now, maybe I did.


MadMacs of Bytown said...

Hey Joan, maybe you'd have as good luck with CUPe.

Uri Geller, you may have some competition here.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that it was a "fair trade" coffee mug.

nomdeblog said...

We knew you were a union buster.

John M Reynolds said...

That someone does not like unions does not mean she/he is a union buster.