Thursday, July 20, 2006

New Fiberal logo promoting same-sex polygamy?

It looks like John Tory’s fight against Dalton McGuinty’s latest screw-up – redesigning the Ontario logo – is gaining traction. The Star reports today that Tory’s website,, has received 2,800 complaints about the logo:

Tory launched the site,, after the Toronto Star disclosed on June 23 the province had quietly replaced the traditional T-shaped trillium logo with an A-shaped flower — panned as resembling an aerial view of three men in a hot tub.

The controversial new design, which is similar to the trillium that appears in the dot on the “i” in the Ontario Liberal Party’s logo, was done by Bensimon Byrne at a cost of $219,000.

Bensimon Byrne is the same ad firm that did the party’s 2003 election advertising.

Tory noted that the familiar rendition of the province’s official flower dates back to former PC premier John Robarts’ administration in 1964. [The year I was born – now I’m REALLY mad! Next thing you know, Pontiac will stop making the Star Chief my parents bought the same year. What do you mean they already did?]

“Dalton McGuinty took a historic icon of Ontario and changed it without even consulting the taxpayers,” [Tory] said.

Government Services Minister Gerry Phillips has said the change was made to update the province’s brand and make it seem more “contemporary.”

Yup, when I think hip and contemporary, I naturally think of Liberal warhorse Gerry Phillips (who, as Minister of Paper Clips, has to carry the can for the Premier’s office on this one), tourism minister Jim “yes that’s my real hair, why do you ask?” Bradley, and Minister of Cement-Pouring and Ribbon-Cutting David “Flounder” Caplan.

But on closer examination, I have realized that, contrary to my first post on this topic, the logo is not merely the latest Liberal attempt to wipe out Canadian symbols (a la the flag, the three branches of the military, the royal coat of arms, etc.), nor another Liberal gambit aimed at equating its own partisan interests with those of the citizenry, but instead a subtle promotion of same-sex polygamy.

Wait, let me explain.

Some have said, as the Star reports today, that the logo looks like an overhead view of three people in a hot tub. It is clear from the V-shaped figures that these are male body-builders. Now what kind of a body builder gets in a tub with two other guys? The gay kind, that’s who.

So the redesign is not just about making the Liberal party synonymous with Ontario, or destroying a Canadian symbol, or helping their favourite ad agency, it’s apparently a subliminal advertisement for gay polygamy.

I’m just sayin’.


Old Jute said...

Technically, it would be polyandry, not polygamy, unless your're describing V-shaped lesbians. Just a nit.

Kerry said...

I love you, Joan. But not in a same-sex polygamy kind of way. Nothing personal.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Oh, well. It's sort of fitting now, with the swingers' clubs and all. Maybe it's a subliminal tourist ad.