Friday, August 04, 2006

Holy Shiite.

“I [am] right there alongside [producer] Robert [Lantos]. . . . after a lifetime of being a Liberal, I have made the switch,” Ms. [Heather] Reisman wrote. “Feels strange, but totally and unequivocally right.”

A recipient of the e-mail confirmed that Ms. Reisman, who was the Liberal Party of Canada’s policy chairwoman in the 1980s and who worked for Pierre Trudeau in his first election in 1965, had sent the e-mail to several friends, and that she has told others the same thing.
--“Liberal power couple back Harper on Mideast,” Globe and Mail, today

Schwartz and Reisman’s support for Israel is well known, but I am stunned that they would leave the Liberal party over this issue alone.

And does this mean we can’t call Reisman’s bookstore chain “Indhimmigo” anymore?

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Kerry said...

And does this mean we can’t call Reisman’s bookstore chain “Indhimmigo” anymore?

No it doesn't, and it doesn't mean that any boycotts of Indigo that were started because of Reisman's practices of censoring and refusing to sell certain products should end. Her decision to switch parties does not justify the fact that her chain refused to sell the Mohammed cartoons. While she had a good reason for joining the Conservative Party, she has not condemned the sort of censorship in which she has taken part, nor has she indicated that she will refrain from this unfortunate regulation in the future. I think this makes her kind of a hypocrite, to be honest.

Remember, she had no use for the Conservative Party before this conflict broke out. Conservative of convenience.