Tuesday, January 22, 2008

May too Liberal with her punctuation

Harper never used Keen’s given name, nor the word “waiting” in the Commons

Taking a break from her rantings about Adolf Hitler, Green Party supremo Elizabeth May turns to another old lib-left chestnut, Stephen Harper’s supposed sexism. Unfortunately, she relied upon some invented facts to make her case:

And now I turn to an unexamined aspect of the Harper abuse: sexism. The ways he spit out the name “Linda Keen” day after day in Question Period, suggested he felt he could make hay out of the fact the President of the CNSC was a woman. If CNSC member Dr. Christopher Barnes, with both an Order of Canada and membership in the Royal Society of Canada, had been its President, I simply cannot imagine the Prime Minister rounding on Michael Ignatieff, as he did in the House, demanding if he was prepared to wait for “Dr. Christopher Barnes” with the scorn in his voice he emoted for “waiting for Ms. Keen!”.
--Elizabeth May, guest-posting at Scott’s DiaTribes, January 21, 2008

Just for a lark, I checked Hansard. Harper referred to Keen by name a grand total of five times: once on December 12, and four times on December 13. On every occasion, he referred to her as “Ms. Keen,” not “Linda Keen.”

And he never used the word “waiting” in reference to her in the Commons
. In fact, if you search the entire Parliament site for the phrase “waiting for Ms. Keen” you get 0 results.

Well, as some say, never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Or perhaps May just doesn’t understand what quotation marks mean.

I checked the video too. You can view the December 12 clip here (Harper starts at about 21:00) and the December 13 clip here (Harper starts at about 04:19:30). I guess if May wants to describe Harper as spitting that's her prerogative, but he struck me as more bewildered and bemused at the Liberals' flip-flopping.


JR said...

The ‘mis-spoken’ quotes are certainly bad enough. But May’s attempt at painting Harper as some misogynistic red-neck is quite a crude (not to mention silly) smear attempt. It’s pretty much common knowledge that Keen is a woman, so May suggesting anyone with even half a clue would attempt to be “making hay” out of that fact is loony to begin with.

But, as you say, why let facts and common sense get in the way of a good smear.

Ya gotta wonder what’s rattling around loose in some of these people’s heads - especially the heads of those who want to be Prime Minister.

Larry Keiler said...

Ah yes, don't we all love to parse the language. Leon Trotsky wrote whole volumes parsing the language of Stalin et al. Usually, he was right. But then they parsed his brain with an icepick.

Anonymous said...


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Larry Keiler said...

Boy, I'm excited now. Comment spam from the Anonymous Tin Hag Brigade.





We're so lucky Linda Keen has her finger on the pulse of immigration, eh?