Friday, February 29, 2008

Will the real pornographers please stand up? (don’t worry – it’s not a confidence vote)

Cherniak sets off wet firecracker on Conservatives; forgets Liberal thongs and rubbers

Undaunted by the fact that his last attempt at nailing the Conservatives blew up in his face, Britney Cherniak is at it again, claiming the Tory yout’ have borrowed an image from a porn site.

Of course, burned from his most recent fiasco, Britney is careful to insert this blanket caveat:

. . . please note that I do not take credit for the research. Somebody else sent me the information and I wrote the post.

Unfortunately for Cherniak, the Liberals hardly qualify for membership in the anti-sex league described in George Orwell’s 1984:

Politics isn’t sexy? Tell that to the thousands of delegates at the Liberal convention.

Forget the hunt for undecided delegates, people here want to get their hands on the sought-after “I’m Liberal” thong underwear.

Five hundred pairs were ordered, in both official languages, and already size medium is sold out in French and English.

The $16 underwear has generated a lot of interest from delegates stopping by the Liberal merchandise table.

“I should get one of those,” retired senator Marian Maloney said when she spotted the mini black cotton underwear.

Ms. Maloney, who is 82, bought a pair. They’re for her daughter-in-law, she said, after playfully posing for a picture.

Condoms are also being distributed at the convention. More than 2,000 bright red contraceptives bearing the Young Liberals of Canada logo will be given out throughout the weekend.
--CanWest News Service, December 1, 2006

Well, it looks like the condoms were a good idea. Here's a tale told by an anonymous commenter on Big City Lib's blog:

My longtime "friend" who I accompanied to the convention went out to "vote" friday evening and although she made it back to the hotel alright she must have had a little too much of the free, cheap wine because she ended up in the wrong room, in the wrong bed!

It was her first convention and I guess she must have known that liberals go to get laid so didn't want to let the party down. This inciddent has now started in motion a chain of events that will ultimately reflect very poorly on her and her riding. But on the up side the sex was apparently great and she did get a free scarf!

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Frank Cybulski said...

There's a saying I'm fond of which is quite appropriate here: Conservatives go to conferences to get drunk, Liberals go to conferences to get laid, and NDPers go to conferences to argue with one another. Personally, I like where I am now.