Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Play Tax Tag – it’s fun!

If you haven’t checked out the Conservative Party’s “Will You be Tricked?” website about Stéphane Dion’s will-he-or-won’t-he carbon tax, I recommend you do so and click on the “Tax Tag” button.

This leads you to a page of various people and characters, and when you click on them the site tells you whether they will or will not pay Dion’s carbon tax.

The cast of characters includes: Liberal/Green candidate Elizabeth May, caucus stinkbomb Garth Turner, and even Liberal blogger Jason “Britney” Cherniak. Congratulations, Jason!


Reid said...

And don't forget Taliban Jack's porno stache.

Anonymous said...

Do the math and anyone not living in the more temperate areas of Canada, such as around the lower Great Lakes Basin and the southern coastal areas in B.C. will pay the largest portion of this tax grab.

Assumption using round numbers: people in the more northerly regions use more fuel for home heating because of longer winters and more intense cold. They also use more municipal fuel since their heavy snow removal equipment is on the road longer and, in general, their commutes to work necessitate the use of personal vehicles since public transit is scarce.
Still using round numbers and assumptions: if the northerner uses twice as much fuel and pays $ 2,000 a year the southerner pays $1,000 a year. (This guesstimate is based on consumption as if the price were the same across the country) If the Nutty Professor's tax adds 10% to the cost of this fuel, the northerner pays an extra $200 while the southerner pays $100more.
Again, assuming there are 4 times as many southerners as there are northeners, the government take would average $120 per person (1 northener @ $200 + 4 southerners @ 100 = $600 divided by 5)
When the rebates are issued the northener would get $120 and be out of pocket $80 while the southerner would get the same amount and be ahead by $20.
These numbrs are pretty simplistic, but they point out the folly of this scheme to tax carbon at the source and then rebate the tax through consumer tax cuts. Fuel useage as a result of our climate is not evenly spread across the country and the people paying the most now will also pay a larger percentage of any increase.
Of course, the Ivory Tower Idiot and his band of panic stricken followers could care less. Most of their support is concentrated in those areas where Canada's climate is more moderate and isn't that the role of all Canadians...support Central Canada since that is the centre of the universe.