Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Anonymous and the Profane

Last night on the Globe’s thread on Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s OC, someone questioned why departing CAW president Buzz Hargrove was so effusive in his praise for Morgentaler (“I’m absolutely thrilled to be on the list at the same time as Dr. Morgentaler. I supported him. I supported his efforts. I think he's done more for half the population in this country … in terms of fighting for women's reproductive rights”).

Remembering Hargrove’s own unplanned parenthood, disclosed in his autobiography, I posted the following comment:

Here's a clue from Buzz's bio as to why he's such a Morgentaler fan:

“I did not have a girlfriend at the time and we began a relationship that got pretty serious. She ended up getting pregnant [yes, he really wrote that] and in December 1964 my first daughter, Karen was born.

“At the time, there was no way I was getting married. I was barely nineteen. I had no sense at all about what I wanted to do with my life.”
--Labour of Love, p. 53

This morning I received the following comment submitted to my own blog, with the expletives spelled out (which is why I couldn’t approve it):

Nice of you to bring up Buzz Hargrove's girlfriend’s abortion in a public discussion at the Globe on the Order of Candaa [sic] award to Morgentaler.

F****** c***. How about you come clean on the payola from the Harper government?

Well, “Anonymous,” if you do come back:

1. Read the excerpt again. She had the baby.

2. What’s your problem with quoting it? It was published in Hargrove’s autobiography (that means he wrote it himself).

3. Nice language.

4. My contract with the democratic reform ministry – which was for writing, not blogging – has run its course. But thanks for caring.


Anonymous said...

That is precisely how pro-abortion zealots get to debate in Canada.

CBC'ers hired Judy Rebick. She was Morgentaler's spokesman for years.

Academia has driven out anyone who disagrees.

The press consistently ignore polls demonstrating broad support for limiting abortions, esp late term abortions.

Make the point about the hypocrisy of lefties and they fight and get dirty.

Secular aethiest fundamentalist Andy Barrie interviewed Catholic Archbishop Tom Collins on CBC this am.

Barrie repeatedly attacked and belittled Collins position.

Given that CBC is supposed to actually reflect Canadian opinion and 75% (environics) support some restriction on abortion, where is that postition reflected at the PUBLICLY funded CBC?

Feminists are always saying how strong they are. Why are they consistently too weak to allow an actual debate?

Canadians cant have a debate in the media because pro-abortion zealots control the debate.

Canadians cant buy an honest ad because the ad police (ad standards) says that the truth of late term abortions is "offensive."

The academics have an abortion confrerence with public monies and dont invite pro-life Canadians.

Remember how marriage was open for debate. Why not abortion?

In their own terminologies - what pussies!

dean fox said...

Yeah, hard to believe, but some regard hargrove as a wise leader and get really nasty if he's criticized. Of course, they have spent their lives attaching small parts to bigger parts and consider it important work.

Roy Eappen said...

The mysogyny in these comments is all too apparent. You are yet another conservative woman attacked in such a way. It really shows what the left thinks of women.