Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ti-Dolt's Conditional Apology

Read: "I'm sorry that partisan jerks deliberately misinterpreted my comments to make me look like a sexist, 'cause that's totally not who I am, but if you're not a partisan jerk who exploited my comments to serve your own agenda, and if you were really offended, then . . . I'm, uh, sorry."

Macleans' excellent Blog Central is reporting that Nova Scotia Liberal MP Robert Thibault is sort of apologizing for telling Marjory LeBreton to get back in the kitchen (or whatever he meant by his "figurative" reference to tea-making -- see update to post below).

“I would like to clarify my statement that appeared in the Hill Times this week. My comment was not meant to be gender-specific and I in no way intended it to be interpreted in that way. If anything I said can be interpreted as sexist, I unequivocally and wholeheartedly apologize and withdraw my comments. I have always been a strong supporter of women in politics and want to encourage not hinder their participation in the public sphere.”

Well, we've seen these kind of non-apologies before, and we'll probably see them again.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Thibeault is just being a good Liberal. This is the party whose leader once gave the rigid digit to westerners; this is the party that once told an Ontario senior he could suck eggs if he wanted any help in dealing with government red tape because he hadn't voted Liberal; this is the party who had a spokesman claim that the poor would simply waste their tax cuts on beer and potato chips; this is the party whose loud mouthed member accused Albertans of being separtists because they scoff at the tax grab policies of the Nutty Professor; this is the party with the same loud mouthed member who called a Nova Scotia senior a liar because he had the temerity to disagree with liberal policy; this is Mr. Thibeault's party and he is the one who stated that being over 60 was a justifiable reason for precluding a person for running for office. (So long as he/she wasn't a Liberal)
This is the party that wants to govern?

Anonymous said...


Has anyone seen Alfonso Cashbagliano these days? Is he cutting a new CD with the three (now two) tenors?

Anonymous said...

pl...this is also the party that belittled women who chose to stay home with kids, and then claim women's rights were about 'choice'.