Friday, October 09, 2009

Dear God, will the Tories’ lust to stamp all of Canada with their logo never be sated?!

This brazen example of the Conservatives' ruthless campaign to rebrand Liberal Canada was spotted in a shop window on Toronto's Yonge Street. Unbelievable.

I suspect the handcuffs are okay, but someone is going to be in deep s*** for that red sneaker.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


robins111 said...

Say it ain't so.

My goodness, whats next, have they no shame.


Ron said...

Good catch -- would you mind if I sent this to Hedy Fry? I am sure she would use it to launch another foot in mouth attack.

Anonymous said...

Where will this blatant 'C' fixation end? We must keep a watch out for more of their fiendish logo takeovers.

MrEd said...

I googled "images of letter C" and got 70,800,000 hits!!!

The letter L got 45,700,000.

Damn those conservatives

MrEd said...

Googling Letters of the image C yielded 70,800,000 hits

while Images of the Letter L yielded 45,700,000 hits

Damn you Stephen Harper, damn you to help...

Joan Tintor said...

I imagine you are joking Ron, but go ahead in any event!