Friday, December 30, 2005

Personalized handgun ban didn’t stop Boxing Day shooter

Toronto police now believe they have connected two individuals arrested shortly after Monday’s shooting in downtown Toronto to the shooting itself, and laid charges. One of the men is 20-year-old Andre Thompson. He is alleged to be one of at least two shooters who opened fire in the busy shopping district just north of the Eaton Centre Monday afternoon. He was also under a court order not to own, possess or carry weapons.

It is not known if Thompson’s gun was the source of the bullet that killed 15-year-old Riverdale Collegiate student Jane Creba. From the Toronto Sun story:

A court information sworn by a Toronto Police officer alleges that Thompson, a resident of the troubled Jane-Finch neighbourhood, was carrying a 9-mm Ruger P85 Mark 2 semi-automatic handgun and a magazine with 10 rounds of ammunition on Dec. 26.

Thompson is alleged to have fired the gun “with intent to endanger the life of unknown persons.” Anyone found guilty of that charge alone faces up to 14 years in prison and a minimum sentence of four years.

Thompson is also alleged to have broken an Oct. 6 probation order that he not own, possess or carry a weapon. Published reports indicate he recently served 30 days for a convenience store robbery.

Of course, all of these are unproven allegations stemming from an ongoing police investigation, but I will venture to suggest that if a judge signs an order with your name on it, telling you that you are not allowed to have guns, and you carry one anyway, then a generalized “ban” on handguns is unlikely to be much of a deterrent to you.


Josef said...

Darned good point, if I may say so from the states.

Recently, my state had a total 20-year old nutjob in Tacoma try to shoot-up the Tacoma Mall who was "prohibited from possessing guns because of felony convictions he received as a juvenile."

Shake that with a stick! And the one person critically wounded tried to use his weapon to stop the guy! And the security guards were... unarmed according to KVI-AM. I could go on.

I submit the solution is broken windows policing, more firearms... in trained hands, and hard time for hard crime.

David MacLean said...

Joan, what does it take? Crying? Because I am willing to get down on my knees and cry (sp?) for goddam reason here.

Anonymous said...

30 days for robbing a convenience store? Good God. What do you have to do in Toronto to get a few years in jail?

Josef said...

Okay, I think we need a draft for Premier... like the NBA or NFL Draft. Here's Draft Pick #1:

An action hero whose idea of fighting crime is to investigate with her blonde mame and gammy legs herself and then introduce legislation to fix the problem (remember her rave bill against ectasy in 2000?).

Whose idea of fighting terrorism is "to stand as a Canadian with our American family, with the unprecedented alliance around the globe that's now forming to fight with all the might required to eliminate terrorism in our midst"! And then work like a mad dog to kick out a government who let four al Qaeda members slip away!!!!

Whose idea of defending democracy is to demand, enforce and uphold accountability on expenditures (unlike some of her colleagues); to admit being imperfect with grace and dignity; to fight for transparent governance; to stand up to bullying (from David Tsubouchi, for starters); and to be her people's greatest advocate.

That would be Sandra Pupatello, "Lady Churchill" to some. Ontario, Canada & America will always be in her debt. Now if only she'd stand up to Paul Martin, Junior... :-).

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