Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Sign of Four*

Thanks to Damian Brooks, I’ve been “tagged” with what I guess is the blogospheric equivalent of a chain letter, but fortunately there is no money involved. So here goes:

Four vehicles you've owned:
I’ve owned only one vehicle, a 1985 gold Honda Civic that I bought in December 1988. I drove it for 10 years and probably could have driven it for more, had I not smashed the front end five years in.

Four jobs you've had:
Mac’s Milk in high school, legal secretary (at various times), freelance journalist, staffer to a Harris-era cabinet minister.

Four places you've lived:
New Toronto, Mississauga, downtown Toronto, west end Toronto.

Four vacations you've taken:
Sauble Beach (childhood – thanks Mom!); Washington, D.C. (high school); Montreal and Québec City (1980s sometime); Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine (which conveniently turned out to coincide with Trudeau’s funeral – so I missed all the sick-making hero-worship and revisionist history. Trudeau loved regular people? Yeah, right!)

* Also a Sherlock Holmes story

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TonyGuitar said...

24 places I have lived..from Southamton UK, CorpusChristi Texas, Ventura Ca, Alert, Ellsmere Isl, Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton, Vancouver 15yrs, Vancouver Island 20+yrs. There is no paradise on earth to match Canada.

No point in defending the Danes publishing cartoons. The National Post, [ better than average btw], could publish one or two small examples or just say nothing.

Not publishing any Muslem cartoons in these dangerous times is my preference, and here is my reason why.

It plays directly into the hands of Iranians, Syrians and Jihadists.

This friction helps to keep things off balance for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It slows the progress of democracy.

That is all these countries who enjoy iron- fisted absolute rule want. To hold off the advance of democracy.

No wonder they are printing more counterfeit cartoons to add to the madness.

This may help you avoid a black day tomorrow February 3rd 2006.…. This Trojan is stupid. It only destroys files and delivers nothing profitable to the virus vandals. TG

Sophos urges calm as panic over Friday’s Kama Sutra (Nyxem-D) worm attack spirals Thursday, February 02, 2006 at 14:35 by Kathleen Hill