Tuesday, March 28, 2006

YWCA (soon to be an Oliver Stone movie)

Kudos to Joanne at Joanne's Journey, who has been hot on the trail of the YWCA data-fudgers, a la Jim Garrison.

Hitting a dead-end with the report's authors, Joanne had the moxie to call a CTV reporter and politely ask how she came to conclusion that the YWCA's flimsy child care "study" proves that "most" Canadians prefer government-run day care over a $100-a-month direct payment to parents. Interesting reading indeed.

The reporter's conduct cannot really be condemned, as she did what many reporters must do when pressed to report on a lengthy report they don't have time to read: she relied on the honesty of the report's authors.


Sara said...

We know it was a lie, the YWCA has a vested interest in it. You know what it is,,,,, money!!!

The daycare lobbyists get millions,,,

Brian Lemon said...

I've done a little figgerin' on the costs of the YWCA program:

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Joan. I appreciate your very well-crafted introduction to my efforts.

As I mentioned in the comments on my post, this isn't the first time I've encountered reporters relying on those they interview for honesty, and then getting back a bogus statement with nothing behind it but a lot of misinformation and junk science.

However, now I have an avenue to expose the propaganda!

It begs the question though; just how much effort should the MSM be putting into their pursuit of objectivity and truth? Or is it all about chasing the next story?