Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is the Zerb for the curb?

On November 20, I noted that the Star’s politics blog and Antonia Zerbisias’s media blog had gone essentially dark. Since then, the politics blog has ramped back up.

The Zerb, however, hinted yesterday that she may be quitting blogging altogether, posting that her recent win as best media blog at the Canadian Blog Awards may well be a posthumous award.” Asked by her readers to explain, she posted the following comment:

Now I am looking at the rest of my life and career and deciding how I want it to play out. Emphasis on the word PLAY. All work and no play makes Antonia a very very grumpy girl. Not to mention a chunky one.

The Zerb doesn’t have much time for what she calls “the Blogging Whories,” George W. Bush, or anything else from our end of the ideological spectrum (which is perhaps what she meant by her realization during her hiatus that “I did not have the time for the pain of some of the regulars here.”)

But if her blog disappears it would be a loss for blogging, as she is one of the few who are paid to do it.


RightGirl said...

On the upside, it may mean I don't have to look at her frightening countenance at this Friday's pan-partisan blogger piss-up at Fiddler's Green. Yes, there's always a silver lining.


Joan Tintor said...

RightGirl, have some pity on us over 40 gals with our ravaged faces! Though the Zerb might ask that I speak for myself.

Antonia Z said...

Right Girl,

Why are women first to jump on other women? Do they think the fact that they have vaginas gives them the right to make sexist slurs?

BTW ..

Despite invites from other bloggers, I won't be attending because I have two other parties that evening. Have a lovely time. You won't have to bear watching all the boy bloggers lining up to have their photos taken with me.

As for my blog, I just didn't know when to stop. I was churning out thousands of words a day and getting just as many hits and hundreds of emails and it was too damn much. If I had an assistant maybe it would have been a different matter.

So right now, it's all under negotiation.

P.S. Thanks Joan.

Antonia Z said...

Oh, and some of the regulars were from the left-side of the spectrum.

They know who they are!

Danté said...

Hey Antonia: the idea that you can be a sexist against your own gender is patently ridiculous. Rightgirl made a rude, insulting comment that was uncalled for, despite how annoying you can be sometimes. Call it what it is, suck it up, and go on with your life like a grown-up. Geez.

Although I guess that's the kind of attention you attract when you start using phrases like "blogging whories." When trash like that flows from your mouth, it's pretty hard to get respect from anyone.

Oh, and Zerb: I won't be attending either. But if I was, you can bet dollars to donuts that I wouldn't be caught dead in a photo with someone with as little class as yourself.

Joan Tintor said...

Wow, I've never attended one of these all-party blogging nights, but given the comments here, I'm surprised another is scheduled!

Anonymous said...

Zerb -- PLEASE do not leave blogging. It will be seen by you-know-who, the "media columnist" for the Post, as a victory and no one will be able to handle the gloating.

Speaking of which -- I say that Zerb and Joan Tintor are far better writers than the Asper's boy.

RightGirl said...

Joan - you should come out. We all tend to get along. The worst that can happen to you is that you might spill a drink on Warren Kinsella, and he may sue. But even he's a pretty cool guy to talk to!!

I'll buy your first round.