Monday, March 26, 2007

Dennis Miller is back!

For those who miss his CNBC show (which was replaced by that guy who yells and makes sound effects about the stock market), here’s a link to his website. Today’s first broadcast is already archived for your listening pleasure.

Miller was joined on his maiden broadcast by Rudy Giuliani (whom Miller is endorsing for President) and Miller's SNL castmate Dana Carvey. This week's scheduled guests include Mark Steyn (Tuesday), Dick Morris (Wednesday) and former American ambassador to the UN, John Bolton (Thursday).

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Matt said...

Sorry to catch you this way but I couldn't find an email address for you.

I'm trying to gather a collection of information that can be used in a youtube video campaign against Dalton. I found your post from Friday on his quotes on PC tax cuts when he was in opposition...good stuff! I was wondering if you'd be able to dig up any other news articles or blog posts you have that detail broken promises, scandals, anything that could be brought back up in an election campaign. Please drop me an email at splatto ([at]) gmail ([dot]) com if you want to talk more about this. Thanks Joan!