Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Anybody smart enough to fix your software from India can probably figure out how to vote in American Idol

Tonight American Idol returns, and millions of Sanjinas and Sanjaya-haters alike are poised to pounce on the performance of beleaguered Sanjaya Malakar, possibly the most ridiculed Idol contestant since Justin Guarini.

Theories abound as to why this endearing lad with the average voice has survived two rounds of voting since the field was winnowed down to the top 12. Apparently Howard Stern (the shock jock, not Anna Nicole Smith’s lawyer) has endorsed the website votefortheworst.com, which is dedicated to ensuring the ostensibly least-talented contestant wins the contest.

Frankly, I don’t think Sanjaya is that bad (but then, I was a big Scott Savol fan). And it's the three judges' fault that he made the top 24. But if something untoward is taking place to ensure his survival, has anyone considered the possibility of thousands of tech-savvy, English-speaking Indians figuring out how to circumvent the U.S.-only voting restrictions?

UPDATE: I think Sanjaya gave his best performance so far, tonight. (Haley Scarnato, who followed him, was way worse.) Given everything that's going on, his confidence level was impressive. Unfortunately, his voice continues to go soft or fade in spots, a function I think of his youth and shyness. Overall, the show was weak because of what I assume were Gwen Stefani's song choices.


Steve said...

Joan you watch American Idol? i'm disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Come now, Steve -- a lot more people watch than are willing to admit it. At least Joan owns up to it, unlike those throngs of people who publicly badmouth it, then watch religiously every week just to make sure they still hate it just as badly as they think they are supposed to. (It's a little like Starbucks, which continues to rake in the customers and cash despite the fact that everyone loves to dump on it.) Sure, AI is cotton candy TV, but Seattle Grace isn't a real hospital either, and no one seems too offended by Grey's Anatomy.

Steve said...

oh i was far from actually trying to dissuade her from watching American Idol. despite my personal misgivings of the program, i have to admit that i was also not at all upset about seeing a - womanly - side to an otherwise firmly strong-willed Conservative voter. ;)