Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Did Wells decline to put his name forward for the Supreme nod?

Well, in the all the election fooferaw I missed this:

[Newfoundland justice minister Jerome] Kennedy says he put forward three names and all three did not want their names listed. He says upon further consultation, the names of Justice Leo Barry and Justice Malcolm Rowe were put forward.
--VOCM Radio, September 6

Over the weekend, [fisheries minister Loyola] Hearn attempted to quell anger in his home province by saying: “Why didn’t Newfoundland get the Supreme Court judge? Because at least two of the top people didn’t want it.”
--Globe and Mail, September 10

So it’s possible that Clyde Wells was among those approached by the province’s justice minster, and declined to allow his name to go forward.

Why? Maybe his age (he's over 70 -- Supreme Court justices must retire at 75). Perhaps he didn't feel he had the energy for the gig. Perhaps he thought the Harper government would never name him (for the reason I suggested in my earlier post). Perhaps he didn't want to submit to the questioning of MPs. We may never know.


Anonymous said...

I saw you bitching over at the Adam Radwanski's blog about Heather Mallick.

What are you, her stalker?

You need to get over your professional jealousy, you tedious mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

Joan -- where ya been????

Federal election...presidential election...Dancing with the Stars...

All ripe for commentary!

Joan Tintor said...

Exceedingly busy. I doubt anyone has missed me.