Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Americans. Writing talking points. For Liberals. (We are not making this up!)

Gore a convenient shield for Liberals’ own failures on climate change

Barely a year ago, Liberal campaign commercials were full of dark innuendo about American influences on the Conservatives. It turns out that the Liberal party that has fallen under American influence.

Twice in the House of Commons yesterday, Liberal members invoked the name of Al Gore – inventor of the Internet and inspiration for the novel “Love Story” – to buttress their opposition to a climate change plan that will “git ‘er done” after the Liberals, by the admissions of such luminaries as Michael Ignatieff and Ken Dryden, “didn’t get it done.”

“Mr. Speaker, Al Gore has said that the Conservatives' platform is “a complete and total fraud”.
--Ken Dryden, MP

“Mr. Speaker, Al Gore and David Suzuki, not to mention every other credible environmentalist in the country, have unmasked the government's global warming plan for the fraud that it is. However, the environment minister still claims that it is a real plan to fight climate change even though it would allow greenhouse gas emissions in Canada to increase for another decade.” [Hey, at least she admitted the “another” part.]
--Karen Redman, MP

Unfortunately, Gore has not learned from his experience with the Internet: he still has trouble getting credit for his genius. All the content in the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” is his, but it was his Hollywood friends who walked away with the Oscar statues. Gore couldn’t close the deal, much like a former Liberal environment minister, whose failure on Kyoto haunts the Liberals like Banquo’s ghost (and whose occupation of the Liberal throne is just about as welcome most days).

Why the Liberals would rely on the knee-jerk rhetoric of a former journalist who now does not deign to answer media questions, flies in private aircraft, and uses enough electricity for 20 families, is beyond me. (Though he recently got approval to install solar panels on his mansion.)

The likely explanation is that despite all this, standing next to the Liberal Party of Canada, Al Gore still looks more credible on the environment. Liberals are so embarrassed about their own record that they would rather shelter beneath the uninformed impressions of a failed American presidential candidate.

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Totally Tory said...

It's remarkable the extent to which Liberals have drank the Al Gore Kool-Aid. Warren Kinsella, for one, doesn't think that John Baird should even try to win a debate with The Great Man (tm), but instead should bask in the warm glow of Gore's aura. I think most Canadians are weary of this pompous bore, and suspicious of his motives. Good for Baird for pointing out the "inconvenient truth" that the Clinton Administration failed to submit Kyoto to the Senate for ratification.

I'll endure being hectored a bit by David Suzuki, but I'll be damned if I'm going to listen to a phony like Al Gore do it.