Friday, May 25, 2007

Seacrest Out, O'Donnell Follows

Who would have thought that the "American Idol" finale would be the same day as Rosie O'Donnell's last appearance on "The View?"

Late news today from ABC that Rosie O'Donnell won't be coming back to ABC's "The View" after Wednesday's blow-up with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, even though her final show was originally to be June 20. (The show's website, for some reason, says that O'Donnell's last day will be this Monday.)

This means that O'Donnell will not have the opportunity to comment during the show about the story in today's Page Six, alleging that her writer defaced Hasselbeck's photos. Neither will she have the chance to moderate the promised 9/11 conspiracy segment, in which physicists from Yale and/or Harvard were to explain how Building 7 of the World Trade Centre was actually collapsed by explosives on 9/11. If I may take a page from Rosie's Big Book of Rhetorical Questions: who's the coward?

I've seen a strain of commentary, on both my blog and elsewhere, that suggests the "fight" with Hasselbeck was staged to goose ratings. I think O'Donnell's premature retreat tends to put the lie to that theory. Leaving this way, O'Donnell looks like she is running away after losing a fight to a conservative. (Not my take, by the way, I just think that it was a rare occasion on which Hasselbeck stood up to an attempt by O'Donnell to box her in and make the debate about her. Hasselbeck merely put the focus back on O'Donnell, where it belonged.)


Anonymous said...

Uh attack the messenger and not the message? Attack the attacker and not the facts? Err you're gonna convince a lot of people on that tactic. Fact is this: anybody digging deep into 911 will not buy the official story.
(real conservative)

Lemon said...

Will not buy the official story?? Was that CGI I was watching live on TV on 9/11?
How were the evil right wing rulers able to keep this plot secret when everything else that could harm the administration was linked.
I hear there's a new JFK theory out there too.