Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Harris portrait: a straight-up image for a straight-up leader

Simple, elegant rendering a contrast to the tacky pastiches of Peterson and Rae

Judging by the photo attached to the CTV story on the unveiling of Mike Harris’s portrait at the Ontario Legislature today, the former premier has wisely (and predictably) bucked the regrettable trend toward incorporating silly details and self-aggrandizing personal touches in what is supposed to be an official portrait.

The portrait is a straightforward image of Harris standing, with what looks like a Northern Ontario scene in the background.

The portraits of his predecessors David Peterson and Bob Rae, on the other hand, are a dog’s breakfast of distracting details and cluttered backgrounds (and in Rae’s case, foreground), including portrait-within-a-portrait “photos” of their families. Both are in shirtsleeves (Peterson looks rather dishevelled and aged, actually), whereas Harris keeps his suit jacket on.

Peterson’s and Rae’s portraits were unveiled not that long ago (both in the year 2000), yet they already look dated and tired. My guess is Harris’s portrait will age better. I look forward to visiting the Legislature at some point this summer to see the portrait for myself.

End note: Today’s Post has an op-ed from long time Harris staffer Guy Giorno, who is in accord with my general view that Harris didn’t go far enough (in government that is, not in his portrait).


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Common Sense Revolution came to halt much too soon.Looking forward to him getting involved again. Hopefully the next time he'll be more prepared for the backlash from the unions.
What isn't being mentioned often enough is the admins who downsized the work force and kept the top heavy positions.And the labour force who got pension,(pity them) and are noe double dipping in the private sector.

Definitely, Northern Ontario in the background.
vf...(North Bay)

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything really wrong with Rae and Peterson's portraits. They look fine to me.

Sandy (COTM) said...

I'm with you all the way on this one Joan. It was a priviledge to work for one of his MPP's as I know it was for you working for Cabinet Minister Mr. Palladini. By the way, how is JS? Have you seen her lately? Great lady.

Joan Tintor said...

I saw JS momentarily around the time of the provincial budget. She looked great as always!