Thursday, June 14, 2007

Harris portrait to be unveiled at last

June 26th is 12th anniversary of Harris government’s swearing-in

Some welcome news, courtesy of the Toronto Star:

More than five years after former Progressive Conservative premier Mike Harris left office, his formal portrait is finally set to be unveiled at the Legislature.

The move follows a year of procedural and partisan wrangling between the man who governed Ontario from 1995 to 2002 and Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty’s office.

The painting by Istvan Nyikos, who also did former Conservative premier Bill Davis’s official likeness at the Legislature, has been languishing in a Queen’s Park storage closet since it was completed in February 2006.

Harris’s portrait is now slated to go up June 26.

The Harris government was sworn in on June 26, 1995, which was ten years to the day after the Peterson Liberal government’s swearing-in on June 26, 1985.

As for the impending unveiling, I’m sure the “procedural and partisan wrangling” was in no way motivated by a desire on the part of the Premier Pinocchio to have it occur as close as possible to the October election.


Anonymous said...

Great! In preparation for October when Tory takes over.

Bob in Ontario said...

There'll probably be a looney-left riot on the day it's unveiled.

Sandy said...

Finally Joan, finally. His mother will get to see it. I just hope we don't see the usual protesters, all these years later. Wouldn't put it past the provincial Liberals.

Anonymous said...

I hope they truly portray his hugely big nose.

On my dad's birthday yet, June 26. What an insult to my late father.