Thursday, June 28, 2007

He's just not that into you

Toronto has issued just one same-sex marriage licence to a Canadian couple this year

But continues to attract foreign same-sex betrotheds

This can't be good for the City of Toronto's plans to market "As Gay as it Gets" Toronto, to gays in other countries. From Reuters:

In the city that was home to Canada's first legalized gay wedding -- and the host of the country's biggest and brashest Pride Week celebrations -- so far this year only one marriage license has been issued to a Canadian same-sex couple.

That compares with 319 that have been issued to same-sex couples from the United States and other countries, and it's well below the hundreds of Canadian homosexual couples who tied the knot in previous years.

So far this year, the city of Toronto says it has issued a total of 7,513 marriage licenses, with 320 of them for same-sex marriages. Of those, 118 were for Americans, 201 were for other countries -- and just that one Canadian couple.

Last year, Toronto issued 924 same-sex marriage licenses: 107 were for Canadian couples, 338 were for people from the United States and 479 for other nationalities.


Greg said...

So, same sex marriage is no big deal then?

Anonymous said...

Ummm? 7500 licenses. Gays represent 10% of population, one license issued. Something wrong here!

Anonymous said...

So, of the one licence issued, how many were Anglicans?


attila said...

Sounds a little like the "summer of the breast" law of how many years ago. A publicity stunt law that that turns out never to get used.

Did they even want this? Or was it just a stunt to piss off the church?

We'll never know becuase Martin didn't ask the people. Cretien asked the people and they said they didn't want it, but Martin went ahead anyway.

And now we're getting one marriage a year.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but the human rights of all other groups have been crushed, so it counts as good for the gays.