Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Conservatives continue to rake it in

Seemingly lost in all the Budget news yesterday was the release of the political parties’ first quarter financial returns by Elections Canada.

Through the first three months of 2006, the Conservative party continued to lead in fundraising, raking in $5,371,354 in donations from 37,391 donors. Average donation: $143.65.

This was four times what the Liberals raised. The Martin JuggerNot took in just $1,328,515.12 from 6,493 donors, for an average donation of $204.61.

The NDP raised nearly as much as the Liberals, taking in $1,113,563.26 from 12,850 donors – an average donation of $86.66.


Anonymous said...

wonderful news!

x2para said...

maybee the fibs & dipsticks should have a going out of business sale

relic said...
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relic said...

note the ndp number.


looks a lot like 8 '666'

a derivative of the number of the beast.

appropriate for the godless leftists.