Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You’re going to Torment! (as are we all)

Do you ever turn on the closed captioning feature on your TV? I often do, and it’s fascinating. For instance, on South Park, sometimes Kenny’s muffled dialogue is translated into clear English in the captions. On Law & Order, the clanging sound that signals the transition to the next scene is described as "[echoing bang]". Often there is helpful additional information, such as the way in which a line of dialogue is delivered, for example, "sarcastically" or "mockingly."

When MuchMoreMusic aired the movie Training Day a few months ago, the many expletives in the dialogue were bleeped out, yet in the closed captions they were spelled out to the letter (mostly the letter “F”).

Which is all by way of lead-in to my main point, which is that sometimes the words in the caption do not match the words that were spoken, and hilarity occasionally ensues (well, for me, anyway). On last night’s premiere of Canadian Idol, one of the judges informed a lucky auditioner that they had earned a gold ticket, declaring “You’re going to Toronto!” Unfortunately, this was translated in the closed caption as “You’re going to Torment!” Sigh. And taking all of us who can’t resist the Idol shows with them.


Anonymous said...

During one DVD CC feature some of the music in the background was credited for who sang it and the name of the song, this helped in understanding why that tune was picked.

The only annoying part with movies was that some foreign language spoken in the scene may have built-in sub-titles but are too small to read and aren't included in the CC function,plus the odd movie only posts a notice like " persons: speak in foreign language" .
The hearing impared may benefit and sometimes I turn down the audio if I've see the movie before and it's a long stretch of dialogue.

Anonymous said...

During a DVD Movie, try pressing the audio button to find out more.
I recommend this after seeing the movie once already. Allan. Toronto.

Stephen Taylor said...

This reminds me of watching a french dubbed version of Home Alone when I was a kid (yeah, yeah...)

When the parents were in Paris frantically trying to call home to the US, the father cut from his fluent dubbed French to ask the operator frantically, "DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH".

Funny stuff... at least for this kid.

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