Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

"Her [Hillary Clinton’s] national appeal and national strength is not based upon her relationship with Bill Clinton, but her extraordinary stature and success as a U.S. senator," said Robert Zimmerman, a Democratic donor and supporter of the couple.

That’s the money quote from today’s front-page New York Times story about the Clintons’ marriage – a quote that also reveals the entire motivation for the piece.

The story quotes other Clinton pals, such as Leon Panetta and Donna Brazile, which suggests that the Clintons okayed their interviews.

Of course, one would like to believe that this sort of stuff won't wash with the public, but these world-class grifters have gotten away with a lot (e.g. Bill's recent announcment of a multi-million-dollar advance to write a book -- about public service!), so you can't blame them for trying.


Surecure said...

It's amazing what passes for news these days. Like their marriage is THAT important.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

You mean, after being President Mr. Clinton is still allowed to make money! The gall!

Not to worry. When the NDP get in power some day, I'm sure they'll stop former politicians from engaging in slimy, icky capitalism.

I'm with you!

Capitalism. Phooey!

PGP said...

I agree with you Joan ..it's a joke.

Although I think the so called appeal has more to do with the gullibility of Amercians in general and the stupidity of Democrats as a group.

Danté said...

Maybe Bubba thought the book was about "Pubic Service." I'm sure that's something he'd be more qualified to write about.

Anonymous said...

Are you for real?