Friday, May 12, 2006

Is “Draft Belinda” censoring comments?

Demonstrating the same brand of message discipline that has gotten Belinda Stronach through a leadership campaign, two elections, a floor-crossing and an aborted leadership bid (by the way, we're still waiting for those bold ideas that Stronach said she could only put forth from the sidelines), the "Draft Belinda" blog appears to have a general ban on any comment that falls outside the realm of Belinda worship.

Yesterday I couldn’t resist posting a comment along these lines on the blog, set up by someone calling himself “Jon”:

“Jon, get back to the Magna assembly line!”

And I posted under under my own blogger identity. So far, however, the comment has not appeared, though comments made after that point in time have – all throwing bouquets of encouragement to Stronach, some anonymously. (Now why would anyone not want the world to know that they're someone who thinks Stronach would make a great PM? Oh, yeah.)

I noticed that at Canadian Jedi, several commenters mentioned they had also posted comments at Draft Belinda. Theirs have not been published either.


ap said...

i, too, submitted comments that were never posted. perhaps another blog should be started in response to this. how about, "

Sean said...

i posted a link to my site when i started my very own draft belinda movement. i guess he doesn't want any competition.

x2para said...

those people are living in a fantasy land and all you see on the site are a bunch of idolators worshiping a self-centered twit

Anonymous said...

I for one would like to know why we always seem to act surprised when we find out that liberal blogs censor their comments. It goes part and parcel with the 'we know best' attitude that liberals seem to display so often. If you disagree, then your opinion is worthless.

They do it all the time, and we shouldn't be surprised, nor should we waste our time reporting it.

Anonymous said...

I sent an email from the site to Belinda encouraging her to run. The depth of her intellect and her political savoir faire will ensure that she leads the Liberals into the depths of political oblivion

Q said...


I can't believe you are even wasting your valuable time visiting that site, let alone posting any comments to it :-)


Robert McClelland said...

Well Joan, maybe if you posted a meaningful comment it wouldn't be tossed in the rubbish bin.

Anonymous said...

"All comments must be approved by the blog author."

er, that would be Belinda-speak for "if you can't say anything nice about me, you won't get to say anything at all"