Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jack Layton: I couldn’t imagine Stephen Harper at a pub

Or so Layton supposedly told a table of University of Toronto students, according to this article in The Varsity.

Talking and laughing with a handful of students at a local pub on Tuesday night, and dipping his famous moustache into a glass of red wine, Jack Layton joked he couldn’t imagine Stephen Harper in a similar setting. The NDP leader has a knack for talking to young people that’s coming in handy on a current campus tour that has him crisscrossing the country from Dalhousie to UBC.

Layton and NDP MP Olivia Chow, Canada’s most famous political couple, are touring universities while parliament is out of session in an attempt to shore up support for a federal election that, Layton hinted, could come as early as next spring.

What a heck of a guy! Especially when you remember that Layton is – as the Varsity’s stenographer describes him – “the third most powerful man in the country.”

I'm not sure Layton's the third most powerful guy in his own household.


Anonymous said...

Is that why the NDP is so peachy-keen to lower the voting age to 16?

Anonymous said...

Time magazine, in its US edition, published a picture of Harper and his wife in a pub in early January. I don't know if they published it in the Canadian edition, but Layton's claim is just stupid.

Here's a statement for Jack: I couldn't imagine Stephen Harper in a private clinic, but you...yeah.

William E. Demers said...

I can picture Jack drinking with a bunch of underage kids and saying that. What a tool.

Adrian MacNair said...

Strange. I could swear I could picture Layton putting on a sikh turban in order to sway voters. Must be my 'magination.

Sophie said...

"Mr Layton? I've got Tom Ellison on the line, he wants to come join the party..."

Anonymous said...

Remember Jack and Olivia both making $ 80 K/year as Toronto Councillors living in a subsidized housing? Neither saw anything wrong with that. ..couldn't see Harper living in that building.