Tuesday, November 14, 2006

That's right -- I am breaking up with YOU

Whatever, Garth Costanza.

But I do have one question for the Prince of Garthness: When independent MPs succeed in "break[ing] the Party stronghold and bring[ing] about what the people want - free votes, more free thought and a better political system" -- then who runs the government and who is accountable for government decisions?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't stomach watching the whole thing. Did he mention the chocolate stain on the shirt too?

Budd Campbell said...

I don't know what's funnier. Watching over the past few years as Liberals whistle past the Gomery graveyard, or now, watching the Tories pretend that Garth Turner's defection means nothing, ... absolutely nothing, ... nothing to see here people, keep moving!

wilson61 said...

What you did see budd, was a perfect illustration of why MPs should be able to cross the floor without a bi-election.

PMSH was right about rules, Garth was wrong.
So that is Garth's really big accomplishment, proving himself wrong on floor-crossing, with himself as the example.