Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shut up and Retire

Klein also pointed out that Stronach, who had been dating Leafs tough guy Tie Domi, had been a Conservative when she roasted him, but was now a Liberal MP.

"I wasn't surprised she crossed over," he said, setting up the punchline. "I don't think she ever did have a Conservative bone in her body -- well, maybe one."

Klein paused, waiting for the laughter to fade, then said: "Speaking of Peter MacKay... While the last comment was clearly audible in a televised recording of the speech, Klein's spokesman, Marisa Etmanski, said he skipped over the reference to Stronach's former boyfriend, the Conservative foreign affairs minister -- although it was included in his prepared written remarks.

Etmanski said the bawdy line had the crowd roaring and prompted one person sitting near her to spew.
--Toronto Sun, today


mth said...

Get a sense of humor. As the saying goes if you can't take a joke you shouldn't be one.

You eastern creeps and bums (to quote Ralph) will never appreciate Ralph even though he was everything that Mike Harris claimed to be and more.

He may have lost his way a bit since the money started rolling in again, but when the recession of the early to mid 90's was here, he did things that would have been unspeakable in the east, but which put the house in order and would have kept the budget and the debt under control even if business had stayed what they were back then.

Ralph is the political equivalent of Don Cherry and that's why he was loved in Alberta (downtown Edmonchuk excepted). He speaks his mind; is usually rights; admits when he's wrong or doesn't know; and is dispised by and completely indifferent to all of the supposed experts and elites who snipe from the sidelines but never step up and get into the game.

I look at the hodgepodge of contenders to replace Ralph and it's clear that we'll never see the likes of him again.

The only thing that I can hope for is that now that Albertans are already pissed off at Ottawa for the income trust tax grab, you Easterners try to make us pay more to support the people who heap scorn up the West while pocketing the money we send, while telling us it is for our own good, so that Ted Morton can step in. Now that would be interesting.

styledriver said...

Totally agree, let's forget about Klein and move on to some real news ... like these 4 tidbits, for example

1) Income Trust -- Stephen Harper, who has the fastest lie on record, has lied again, twice. He raised taxes and put them on Income Trusts

2) Environment -- Rona Ambrose's Act is a joke. She has no clue what she's doing as Environment minister and she has absolutely no respect in the International Community

3)EU Summit -- Liar Stephen Harper has cancelled plans to meet with European Union leaders. People are calling him a chicken for that

4) US Elections -- With the Dems controlling both houses of Congress, Pro war Harper is going to have a tough time "staying the course" in Afghanistan. Also, Liar Stephen Harper, a very intelligent man who listens only to god, will ignore the lessons of our neighbours to the south and continue unilaterally on the environment, the economy and our social programmes, to his party's detriment.


Joan Tintor said...

Wow, only two comments and the entire waterfront appears to have been covered. Clearly, there is nothing for me to add.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, doesn't the latest poll show our support among women is declining? Thank you very much MacKay, Sterling, Klein...

Neo Conservative said...

ralph klein has a mouth... that's news? it was a joke, and not a new one... the bone thing is all over the blogosphere.

as for styledriver trying to make an issue out of the 'income trust' thing... show me someone, besides the oil guys who make a fortune off their investments, who didn't agree this thing was flawed and would have hurt most canadian taxpayers.

the libs have some nerve trying to make an issue out of lying (and cheating & stealing, i might add).

styledriver said...

nice try at putting words in my mouth, neo conservative, I'm making an issue out of the fact that Stephen Harper lied and that the Conservative Party of Canada raised taxes. Should I paint you a picture, imbecile?