Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Richards: It’s Bush’s fault

Watching Michael Richards’ apology last night on Letterman, I was not surprised when, barely a minute in, he tried to cast George W. Bush as the iceberg to his Titanic:

There’s a great deal of disturbance in this country and how blacks feel about what happened in Katrina, and, you know, many of the comics, many of performers are in Las Vegas and New Orleans trying to raise money for what happened there, and for this to happen, for me to be in a comedy club and flip out and say this crap, you know, I’m deeply, deeply sorry.

And I’ll get to the force field of this hostility, why it’s there, why the rage is in any of us, why the trash takes place, whether or not it’s between me and a couple of hecklers in the audience or between this country and another nation, the rage...


Griff said...

I think maybe Richards was just reaching, grasping at straws. He's in a lot of trouble right now, so he'll likely say anything to appeal to the african-american psyche, whether he believes it or not. It's probable that he was just hoping to tap into that emotional anger (which was based on completely false information that the media irresponsibly propagated) so that it looks like he sympathizes with African American causes and grievances. And if that means indirectly alluding to the Bush Administration to get out of his predicament, then so be it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Jews are giving their all to support Richards. I'm starting to question their integrity as a group.