Friday, February 09, 2007

'Boys hire "son of a Bum"

The Dallas Cowboys have hired Wade Phillips, son of Bum Phillips, as their new head coach.

I guess Bill Parcells can’t change his mind about retirement now. Or at least he can’t go back to the Cowboys.

Looks like Phillips fils is a Neil Diamond fan:

Phillips, who will be 60 in June, is a Texas native. His father was the longtime coach of the old Houston Oilers. "You ever read about the frog who dreamed about being a king and then became one?" Wade Phillips said. "I was a high school coach in Texas and now I'm the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. So my story is the same one."

I’m not convinced that Parcells was the problem in Dallas. And I don’t think it was Terrell Owens, who behaved himself pretty well last year. I think the problem is meddling owner Jerry Jones. Every time I saw him come down to the sidelines during a second half when the Cowboys were losing, I would yell at the TV: “Get back in your !@#$ luxury box and let your coach do his job!!” Why would he think coming down to the field would help when things are going badly?

Jones' last three head-coaching hires - Chan Gailey, Dave Campo and Parcells - failed to win a playoff game. Phillips is the sixth Dallas coach since Jones bought the team in 1989 and immediately fired Tom Landry, who was the only coach the Cowboys had in their first 29 seasons.
--New York Daily News, today

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Anonymous said...

We find out tonight that if Wade had just hung on in San Diego a few more days, he wouldn't even have needed to move!

There was a great story on Wade Phillips in the media, and the life he and his family led as his father moved almost yearly from coaching job to coaching job throughout Texas. It was both sad and funny - the kids said that they feared going for a ride to the Dairy Queen with their father, as he might be moving them right then and there! That's the life of most football coaches in America, though -- their families go through more moves than the military, and without the support. His father Bum Phillips was one of the most colourful coaches in NFL history, and a Texas legend. I actually think that Jerry Jones has made a good hire in spite of himself.