Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Can’t wait for tonight’s replay of “Mike Duffy Live”

Unless Garth Turner resigns to run in a by-election (the timing of which is out of his hands, and which the PM would not likely call until at least after the Budget), I’m looking forward to this and other quotes being batted in Garth's direction today:

I am a democrat who believes everyone in the House of Commons, including the cabinet members who make up the government, should be elected. They should sit in Parliament as they were elected. If they decide to change parties, they should go and get re-elected.

It would be a great idea for Mr. Emerson to do that, and hopefully he will decide that’s the right course of action. Given his new high-profile and powerful position, one would expect voters would be impressed enough to elect him as a Conservative. But maybe not. That’s their choice.

I am not demanding the guy resign today, given the fact he has just been handed huge duties and Harper surely had sound reasons for his decision. But it would look very good indeed on David Emerson to say something like this: Yeah, I understand the feeling of those people who are disturbed that I switched parties. I have decided my real home is with the Conservatives, and I am honoured to serve the PM, but I also realize it’s not all my choice. So after I’ve proven my worth in this job, and when the time is appropriate, I will go back to the voters.
--Garth Turner’s blog, February 9, 2006

Unfortunately, Turner does not have Emerson’s excuse of “huge duties,” given that the Liberals are not in government.

Credit-Where-Credit-is-Due Dept.: RepoCrepo posted an alert on January 22nd that Garth was primed and ready for the jump.


Sophie said...

Go check out Stephen Taylors site too. He posts the results of a poll Garth took with constituents about what he should after leaving. Man of the people indeed.

Sophie said...

*what he should do after leaving the Conservative party.*

Matt said...

MDL will definitely be an interesting watch tonight. Oh, garth, you silly little man...

Anonymous said...

Watching Garth trying to turn himself into Scott Brison was fairly amusing. You could just see the wheels turning -- "How am I going to spin this? Hey, I know! I'll play the socially progressive card, and accuse Harper of being a scary neanderthal! Hey, it gave Brison the cover he needed!"

I just can't see where this helps Dion. It doesn't really hurt Harper politically, as that ship sailed the day Garth went independent. In addition, the Liberals don't need the vote, as they really don't want to defeat the government this spring if they can help it.

The headaches Garth will bring are well documented. Within a week or two, Liberal caucus members will be grumbling about what a distraction and pain in the butt this guy is, and Dion's judgement for bringing him in will be openly questioned.

nomdeblog said...

There was a time when some of the best people and the best brains went into politics. Now for many of these MPs this is the best job they’ve ever held, that worries me. Because governments now control 42% of the economy. If we don’t have the BEST on that big chunk of our economy we will fail.

At the same time, the lifestyle, the commute to Ottawa is awful. The disruption of family life is awful, so awful that my MP John Godfrey moved from Don Valley West to Ottawa years ago.

Tom Freidman’s book The World is Flat demonstrates that we have to be really good at what we do if we want to survive because Canada just being the back office to America is likely to get replaced by workers in India and China.

Therefore: we need a debate on how to restructure our government so that better people than Garth will make a decision to serve their country and to shrink government to a manageable size so that we don’t need geniuses to understand all the issues. I’d run, but I’m not smart enough to answer all the hardball questions that Duffy would ask me, a conservative, so I’m too scared to run. Besides, I’d miss my family.

RepoCreepo said...


Some more interesting Garth quotes on the blog tonight, plus a link to a radio interview little Garth does and hangs up on the host.

More to come on turners hypocricsy... stay tuned