Saturday, February 10, 2007

Star buries story of McGuinty campaign chief cursing out reporter

An interesting few paragraphs at the end of a story entitled "Sorbara boosts 'poverty agenda'" in today's Toronto Star:

But as they scrambled to shore up their left flank in time for the election in eight months, the Liberals found themselves forced to defend embattled campaign director Don Guy.

Guy wrote a bullying email Wednesday to a Queen's Park reporter, using profanity in criticizing her coverage of the Liberals.

He ducked reporters here, slipping into the meeting through a side door, but later said in an email to the Toronto Star that he sent a note to the reporter saying, "I regret the exchange."

McGuinty indicated he had no plans to reprimand his former chief of staff.

But NDP Leader Howard Hampton lamented the "vicious attack against a woman journalist."

"The premier's got to set some standards. You can't go around viciously attacking everyone who disagrees with you," he said.

Progressive Conservative MPP Tim Hudak (Erie-Lincoln) said "some discipline should take place" for the intimidating tactic.

I don't think it's unfair to suggest that, had a Mike Harris staffer sworn at a reporter, it would have merited a separate headline. In fairness to the Star, this is the only reference to this incident I have seen thus far, but I will keep an eye out. (And if anyone has seen any, please let me know.)


Anonymous said...

The McSquinty Lieberals have a history of goon tactics with anyone who criticizes them:

He sent the police after a Preston man that sent him a critical e-mail

He intimidated reporters at CHCH TV for uncomplimentary coverage of Caledonia.

His ministers continue to threaten activists like Randy Hilliar and Gary McHale and Bruce Montague with soviet styled police state tactics.

Let's face it this is a cowardly little pencil neck crypto-commie who lies and cheats and sends the bullyboys after anyone who threatens to expose him.

Going to elections he has hundreds of lies and broken promises , Ipperwash and Caledonia civil atrocities , and the Lanark county war with farmers dragging after him.

Unless reporters become delusional liars like Dolton, some bad stuff will be printed....we can see that Dolton's point men intend to concern themselves intimidating or bribing media into silence on the lengthy horrors in Dolton's public record.

Caledonia should be pushed right into his face and pushed hard....never in my living memory has a sitting government been so uncivil and derelict of duty in enforcing the law and dealing with renegade lawlessness...Caledonians live in fear because of his inaction.

The fact that the political spinners think that his record is "recoverable" and that he has a shot at returning to power is a sad testament to the higher civil instincts of the Ontario voter...this really is the worst most destructive premier you've had since Rae...certainly more bullying and obtuse.

It;s haed to ignore that even if it is scrubbed from media memory by official intimidation.

Anonymous said...

How can anybody that is fair and rational take liberals seriously? I mean they act like children, they are unfair and they cheat. Furthermore, they believe they should run everything but prove incapable of even managing themselves. They are scammers from start to finish.
(real conservative)

Anonymous said...

The only reason I would never liken McAsswipe to a used car salesman is because it would be a big insult to the latter.

Josef said...

Great blog, Joan - I have this blog syndicated.

That said, necessary word in for Lady Churchill: I think people should be putting mikes in the face of the trooper who stood up to Tory bullying four years ago... the Honorable Sandra Pupatello, MPP and ask her for her opinion.

I doubt seriously she'd approve of this behaviour.