Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Yorker profile of of “24” creator

I haven’t gotten around to watching “24” myself, but I know a lot of Conservatives are devoted fans. Drudge has highlighted this New Yorker profile of Joel Surnow, the show’s creator. Some excerpts:

Surnow’s parents were F.D.R. Democrats. He recalled, “It was just assumed, especially in the Jewish community”—to which his family belonged. “But when you grow up you start to challenge your parents’ assumptions. ‘Am I Jewish? Am I a Democrat?’ ” Many of his peers at the University of California at Berkeley, where he attended college, were liberals or radicals. “They were all socialists and Marxists, but living off their family money,” he recalled. “It seemed to me there was some obvious hypocrisy here. It was absurd.” Although he wasn’t consciously political, he said, “I felt like I wasn’t like these people.”

Surnow said that he found the Clinton years obnoxious. “Hollywood under Clinton—it was like he was their guy,” he said. “He was the yuppie, baby-boomer narcissist that all of Hollywood related to.” During those years, Surnow recalled, he had countless arguments with liberal colleagues, some of whom stopped speaking to him. “My feeling is that the liberals’ ideas are wrong,” he said. “But they think I’m evil.” Last year, he contributed two thousand dollars to the losing campaign of Pennsylvania’s hard-line Republican senator Rick Santorum, because he “liked his position on immigration.” His favorite bumper sticker, he said, is “Except for Ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism & Communism, War Has Never Solved Anything.”

Although he is a supporter of President Bush—he told me that “America is in its glory days”—Surnow is critical of the way the war in Iraq has been conducted. An “isolationist” with “no faith in nation-building,” he thinks that “we could have been out of this thing three years ago.” After deposing Saddam Hussein, he argued, America should have “just handed it to the Baathists and . . . put in some other monster who’s going to keep these people in line but who’s not going to be aggressive to us.” In his view, America “is sort of the parent of the world, so we have to be stern but fair to people who are rebellious to us. We don’t spoil them. That’s not to say you abuse them, either. But you have to know who the adult in the room is.”


Anonymous said...

I guess I'll have to watch an episode or two of "24." I've never watched it!

Ironically, of course, its star Keifer Sutherland is the grandson of Canada's granddaddy of socialism, Tommy Douglas. Add to that, his father is the loopy, close-to-being-possessed Donald Sutherland, and I wasn't ever going to watch 24, no matter how popular it is.

I'm rethinking my position.

nomdeblog said...

I’ve watched and liked it, amazed our MSM produces it.

Haven’t watched this year, will buy the DVD’s.

Thanks for the article, it makes one wonder how much of an impact this show has on us. Maybe more than we think and I mean that in good way, i.e. reality sets in. The media is really powerful. It’s too bad we can’t seem to get the facts in a more scientific way.

We need to be entertained. I like 24; I refuse to watch Fahrenheit 911 and Inconvenient Truth. But many would feel the opposite. Yet these shows are shaping global opinion. It’s dangerous.

On Duffy, yesterday, Alexia and Duffy were mocking Harper who had not seen Inconvenient Truth and tsk tsk'ing it, like he was some Neanderthal. The conservative MP Helena Geurgis piped in with “Harper reads the science”. Instead of an astute anchor person making the point for the listeners that our culture should be based on science not Hollywood; Duffy’s biases just would not let his brain over-rule his hatred for Harper.

So I guess I want more Joel Surnow’s , and Cyrus Nowrasteh’s the son of an Iranian who did "The Path to 9/11,” the controversial ABC miniseries. I was also surprised that Nowrasteh got his show on ABC.

Lately I’ve started watching Glen Beck on CNN. I’m amazed that show is on.

Maybe things are changing? The article says Surnow was musing about starting a conservative TV network. Let’s hope Murdock and others are thinking about it to; who knows maybe the media world is changing a wee bit our way.

(oh, a good friend of mine is a 24 fanatic. He bought the DVD’s , went to Rome for a holiday and watched the whole season DVD’s while there, in Rome; now there’s a real dedicated conservative or .. a real ??? .. .hehehe)

Josef said...

I finally caught the 24 bug this season and appreciate the link to the profile.

Josef over