Monday, January 30, 2006

Bono reworks “Vertigo” lyrics to console Martin (I am making this up.)

N.B. Right-wing computer geeks intercepted this Blackberry message to Paul Martin from U2 front man Bono:

From: Bono
To: Paul Martin
Subject: (none)
Date: Tues. 24 Jan 2006 03:08 GMT

Paul, didn’t I warn you you’d better commit 0.7 per cent of your GDP to foreign aid? When I wrote “give me what I want, and no one gets hurt,” who do you think I was talking to – the Liberian shipping registrar?

Sorry man, that’s just my Irish humour. Bummer about the election. Here are some words to cheer you up until we can get together for a pint. You can still afford to pay, right? ;-)

Good day, good day
You’re in a place called Stornoway
The voters saw that you had feet of clay
So you’re
Gonna live here
For now
Until you’re replaced.

Chin up, mate! Talk to you soon.

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Danté said...

You have seriously made my day (huge U2 fan).