Sunday, January 22, 2006

Will Graceless

I'm a Canadian, and this is my American dream."
--Actor Eric McCormack, accepting best actor Emmy for Will & Grace, November 4, 2001

"McCormack says he hears 'horrible, horrible things about a Conservtive government coming. If I can get back and vote, I would.'"
--"Ex-pat stars fear Tories," Toronto Sun, yesterday

Over the years, many Canadian actors and musicians have gravitated to the United States' large entertainment industry in search of work and, if they're lucky, fame and fortune. Yet once they have achieved success in the freest, most capitalist country in human history, many of them have an epiphany and realize that America is actually a cesspool of poverty, religious fanaticism and military aggression. They then conclude that they would very much like to vote for Al Gore or John Kerry so America can become more like the Canada they left because they didn't know the right people at the CBC.

Some of the Canadians who have undergone this intellectual awakening include music producer David Foster, Michael J. Fox, Jim Carrey, Alanis Morissette and her fiance Ryan Reynolds. Margot Kidder, after living in the States for many years, was inspired by her anger at the Bush administration to apply for American citizenship last year. Unfortunately, because of the 22nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution, she won't be able to actually vote against Bush (well, not in 2008 anyway).

These artists leave behind their Canadian citizenship, swear allegiance to the Evil Empire, and proudly add another vote to the Democrats' tally in New York or California -- if they make the time to vote. But they are always emphatic when visiting Canada or speaking to Canadian media that they regard Canada as their real home (no need to burn all one's bridges -- someday there may be different people at the CBC).

From the hysteria apparent in McCormack's comments, it seems that he may one day take the oath as Foster, Fox, and Carrey have done. Farewell, Eric! But if you had really wanted to vote, you could have done so by Special Ballot through Elections Canada.

Election Day Note: I will not be blogging on election day as I will be working to get out the vote for York-Simcoe MP Peter Van Loan. If the results are announced at a decent hour, I will be posting afterward.

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Nicol DuMoulin said...

Excellent comment. I am in the arts in Toronto and the plain ignorance I hear from the 'artist' elites is mind blowing.

Most TO artists make George Clooney look like a Republican.

Excellent blog.

You are also very right in your view of telling conservatives to beware of whom they align with in the election. A friend today will try to stab you in the back tommorrow.