Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Guffaw-worthy guff

I would’ve been happy to go to the polls if the laws had been in place. It’s important to have greater loyalty to your community and not to a party. Candidates should follow their heart rather than blindly following the party.”

--Belinda Stronach, commenting on the prospect of a “Belinda Stronach rule” requiring MPs to resign if they wish to join another caucus (Barrie Examiner, December 20, 2005)


Josef said...

Yeah well when the GST stayed, Shelia Copps resigned to face the voters.

Belinda Stronach could have done the same thing. But, no, she is the same Belinda Stronach that was caught up in hosting the 2003 Magna budget.

Ralph Bettse said...

Common sense says that Belinda Stronach should lose. Magna is connected to her riding, there is a ton of money available to her campaign, and her opponent can't come close in dollars.
Will dollars beat sense ?
Does anyone know what's really happening in that campaign ?