Thursday, January 19, 2006

Subterranean Upticks to the Blues

Two interesting and telling anecdotes, at the end of John Ibbitson’s piece in the Globe today (subscription required):

Others, however, appear to be abandoning the Liberals for the Conservatives. One of those voters was on a flight from Moncton to Toronto on Tuesday, and we got to talking.

She is a business executive who lives in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood, and she has voted Liberal in every election she can remember. This time, she is voting Conservative, even though she likes and respects Mr. Martin, because she has lost her faith in his party, which she believes has become lazy, tired and a bit corrupt.

“The Liberals need to be spanked,” she concluded. And she wasn’t alone, she said. Someone she knows well has played host to a fundraising cocktail party in support of a prominent Toronto Liberal MP for several elections. This year, the cocktail party was for the Conservative candidate. The same people showed up.

A third anecdote: earlier this week my friend Peter Van Loan, running for re-election in York-Simcoe, held a cocktail fundraiser at the Albany Club. Another friend who attended reported to me the presence of many Mulroney-era types who have not been seen at such events since, well, the Mulroney era.

And Dylan fans, please don’t complain about my twisting one of his classics for my headline (though I admit it’s a bit of a groaner) – the guy was in a commercial for Victoria’s Secret a couple of years ago, fer gawd’s sake!

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bluebloggerTO said...

Great job cracking down on those Liberals.