Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kinsella responds

The following is an e-mail exchange from earlier today:

From: "Warren Kinsella"
Subject: Good morning
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 13:18:35 +0000 GMT

Ms. Tintor, you are certainly entitled to criticize me as you see fit. One day I may return the favour.

In the meantime, I would ask that you immediately remove from your posting any information that would assist others in identifying my family's home address. As you yourself note, I have written books about terrorism and the far right, and neither the police nor I wish to assist anyone seeking to do harm to my wife or my children.

Take down any reference to where we live, immediately, or I will be obliged to notify the Toronto Police Service about what you have done. If you wish, you may contact them directly to discuss the advisability of what you have done.

Thank you.

Warren Kinsella

From: "joan tintor"
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 11:11:41
To:wkinsella@[address extension deleted]
Subject: RE: Good morning

Mr. Kinsella,

My blog does a good deal less to identify where you live than you yourself did when you wrote a piece extolling the virtues of your Beaches neighbourhood, entitled “A Pleasantville convert” that appeared on the front page of the Toronto Star’s New in Homes section on June 15, 2002.

Accompanying the article is a large photo of you, your wife and children, all identified by name. Inside the section a map is provided of all the streets in the neighbourhood. In the text of the article, you basically narrow down your location to three of those streets. I will be happy to provide a copy of this article to the police, should they think your complaint worth pursuing.

Joan Tintor

From : Warren Kinsella
Sent : January 18, 2006 11:13:07 AM
To : "joan tintor"
Subject : Re: Good morning

That is an unfortunate and foolish response. I will pursue you now with every available criminal and civil remedy at my disposal.

Do not communicate with me again.


Lemon said...

Meow from WK

Anonymous said...

What a panty-waist. Ya got him dead-to-rights with the TorStar article.

I think he's got some delusions of grandeur if he really believes that "someone's out to get him" -- well, they could very well be, but not for the reasons he lists.

In any event, his last response is quite indicative of his embarrassment. He probably forgot all about that article.

But then again, he really isn't that bright to begin with.

Anonymous said...

If the Toronto Police Services contact you, please blog about it.

Give the gun violence in TO, it would be good to know if they will actually waste taxpayer money on Kinsella's nonsense.

Keep it up.

Christian Conservative said...

I'm actually with Warren on this one... he has actually had threats against him before, as he exposed a lot in the white supremesist crowd... so give him a break.

And you picked the wrong dog to go toe-to-toe with.

Danté said...

Kinsella is right to care about his family (who wouldn't?), but nonetheless you did absolutely nothing criminal or wrong - and his concerns are more than likely unwarranted. Trust me, Kinesella's got nothing on you and if he actually went to the police they'd probably laugh at him. This thing happens all the time - somebody sees something they don't like on the internet, they get all huffy and threaten legal action, and then they realize that they can't do a damn thing because no law was broken.

Hey Kinsella? I live in a two story house in Newfoundland! Oh no, now i have to sue myself!

It actually would be great if this whole thing continued - your blog traffic would shoot up, and you could go to the media about it and embarass Kinsella for ever being so foolish in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Now you have learned first hand why Warren is completely radioactive now in all quarters of the federal Liberal Party, even amongst those who share his views of Martin. He loves to dish out the cheap shots, but goes completely unhinged when he thinks someone has played rough with him. In boxing, they call it a "glass jaw".

I was particularly amused when he, the author of, "Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics", whined about Tory tactics during the Free Trade Election of '88. You see, in Warren's view, he and the people he likes are allowed to play rough, but no one else is.

RightGirl said...

Don't worry about it. Warren K threatens everyone with legal action. It's how he makes up for other shortcomings.


Anonymous said...

So, has Warren had you hauled off to jail yet? :-)

Joan Tintor said...

anonymous: nope.

Anonymous said...

Are Warren Kinsella and Rachel Marsden the same person. This is a page right out of her book. She threatens any one who utters a peep about her, and even told the poor Wikipedia people that she was sicking the Toronto police on them. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Marsden puts up with far more nasty - not to mention untrue - shit than Kinsella ever would. Her wikipedia page is not only longer than the Canadian Prime Minister's but is also probably about the most biased and ridiculous thing I have seen. And I'm a left-winger!

Anonymous said...

What's the matter, Warren? It was okay for you to go and post identifying information over here:
(scroll down to April 15th)

but it's not acceptable when someone else does? Give your head a shake, you self-inflating gas bag.

Dr.Dawg said...
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Dr.Dawg said...

Just so no one thinks I ran away with my earlier post--WK is just a toy poodle with a big yap--I had posted the exact-same link as the poster just previous. Either it arrived at about the same time or I wasn't paying attention.

For the record, bullies tend to be cowards. I don't believe we're seeing any exception to that here.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Warren should sue himself? Check out his post on his own blog on August 29. Interview with Rachel Sa in the NP.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joan: What's it feel like to be "pursued" by Canada's biggest fart catcher?
("Kissing Ass in Canadian Politics")

Can you feel the hot breath on your nether regions??

Perhaps this obsessive "pursuit" by a career fart catcher has driven this latest obsession of loitering in Boy's washrooms and snapping pictures?