Monday, September 10, 2007

Check me out -- please -- at TVO’s Ontario election blog

I have been asked by the Ontario PCs to represent the John Tory campaign on the “Election Battle Blog” hosted by TV Ontario’s “The Agenda.”

I understand the first postings will appear sometime today, with bloggers from the PC, Liberal, NDP and Green parties answering the question: “What do you think will be the most important issue of the 2007 Ontario election campaign?” Members of the public will be able to comment on the posts (free registration required).


Marcella said...


Marcella. said...

The religion thing, I mean... what a mess!

Anonymous said...

I think the most important question for Ontarians is this.

Who do Ontarians trust with their hard earned taxdollars. A guy whose fair, is backed by a party that keeps its promises and a tight rein on wasting my money, OR the guy who broke his promises, wasted our money on slushfunds, and made question period the laughing stock of daytime tv by not accounting for his govenments action?

Contrary to marcella, the school funding issue isn't even on the radar in the majority of Ontario.
We're on to other things like keeping our jobs, and our kids home on the farm. You remember us marcella even though McGuinty ignored small town/rural Ontario for the bulk of the last three years? We're the folks that grow your food, host toursists by the thousands, are closing schools and can't afford the ones we leave open all thanks to the lucrative deal made by Gerard Kennedy for the teacher unions.

Marcella. said...

That's not my point. Why did Tory create this mess for himself? If it wasn't for the religious funding business, he would be smooth sailing. It's just a hideous error in political judgment.

You're right that it's not on the radar. Until 2-3 weeks ago, there was no issue with religion in this election. Tory created one. For no sensible reason.

I happily would side with Mr. Tory against the teacher unions, against the health care tax, against "donations" to special interest groups. But he has taken all those off the board, and made this election into a discussion of religious schooling. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

alex said...

i'd like to learn about the ontario PC party, but you only seem to blog about the liberals.

please answer the questions posed to you in future editions.

Joan Tintor said...

Sorry Alex, I usually do respond to requests for information or clarification, but perhaps I've missed some.

Otherwise, my policy is to let my commenters have their say, because I've already had mine.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to run across anyone, Catholic or not, who disagrees with John Tory's policy on school funding. I think there is a huge divide here between the media and the elites, who instinctively believe that this is automatically a taboo subject, and the electorate, who are a lot more grown up sometimes than people give them credit for.

Think about it -- what possible justiciation for the status quo can someone offer, other than, "it seems to be working fine"? Even the UN has criticized Ontario for its policy.

Obviously the Catholic system has been a success, and so proposing to eliminate it is a non-starter. Therefore, if one religious school system can be a success, why not others? What I like about this is the pressure it will bring on the public system to either perform well, or lose students to the religious schools. It's school choice via the back door, which I support. (And unions, naturally, oppose.)