Tuesday, September 11, 2007

“Here Charlie Brown, I’ll hold the football, and you come running and kick it!”

McGuinty hoping voters will be fooled again by another no-tax hike pledge

Four years to the day after he signed a pledge not to raise taxes, Premier Dalton McGuinty is promising the same thing again.

“We won’t have to increase taxes on a go-forward basis,” he said while campaigning for the Oct. 10 election today at an Ottawa elementary school.
--Toronto Star online, today


Anonymous said...

Go get 'em, Joan! For the first time, I actually think McGuinty might be in trouble. He's a lousy campaigner to begin with, and now the media has clearly decided that the storyline, at least for the next few days, is about his promise-breaking. That's going to be a tough box for him to break out of, especially when you consider the utter lack of vision in his platform.

Oh, and the fact that the Liberals are already trying to pull their traditional "frighten the NDP voters into supporting us" trick shows that they are worried. Typically, Liberals only play that card late in a campaign, when the NDP can't counter it, and only if they are in trouble. To see them pull it out on day one shows that their internal numbers must be poor, and that their only potential for growth is by raiding the NDP. The problem is that when you do it this early, the NDP has time to mobilize and fight back.

Anonymous said...

not to mention the new ads I saw on tv last night were awful. Guy with greasy-kid-stuff slicking back his hair(what happened to Dalton's dry-funky look), dark suit looking more like a mug-shot than a guy wanting us to trust him for another 4 years.

Not to mention he talks way too fast.

Not very appealing for prime time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joan - you really need to see Christian Conservative's UTUBE backfire of McGuinty's try at insulting Tory's education plan.

McGuinty begins to put down John Tory and the Conservatives for proposing to have less homework for students.

Students errupt in cheers and applause.

McGuinty gets red, pretends to laugh and then turns his back to his audience....OOOPs wasn't the big bad response he expected.