Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Miller Days: city workers get paid, but don’t have to deal with annoying citizens

About a month ago someone suggested to Toronto mayor David Miller that he could help Toronto’s budget problems by instituting the equivalent of Rae Days – forced, unpaid vacation days for city staff, to reduce payroll costs. Miller scoffed at the idea.

But with his brilliant scheme to shut down community centres one day a week, Miller has managed to implement something worse. Community centre staff still get paid for working Mondays, and have to show up, but they lock the doors behind them. These staff are all members of the Miller-boosting Canadian Union of Public Employees. The “savings” in shutting the centres down comes from laying off part-time staff who provide programs on Mondays.

Update @ 10:45 a.m. Thursday: Miller is having a newser where he has just announced that the centres will be open Mondays for activities that are run by outside groups.


Anonymous said...

Puts me in the mind of the Liberal government.

Costing us lots more for less EVERYTHING.

Why are we such morons for sitting still for this crap?

Anonymous said...

Another mindless partisan bashing the Liberals.
Big surprise.