Saturday, September 22, 2007

What did I tell you? McGuinty loses debate, ads go more negative

As I predicted below, Dalton McGuinty’s poor debate performance would lead to Liberal ads turning more negative.

I’ve just seen a new ad on Global TV, from McGuinty proxy group “Working Families.” It is a harsh attack ad, comparing John Tory to Mike Harris. It’s not even up on their website yet.

This is at odds with Greg Sorbara’s claim yesterday that McGuinty is on track for another majority. As they say on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” Really?!! And, as Liberal warhorse Gerry Phillips likes to say, "listen to what they say, but watch what they do."


McGuire said...

The problem Joan is that while I don't think McGuinty won, he didn't quite lose either. He dropped the ball, but Tory didn't pick it up. Typically, that's usually enuf for an incumbent to hang on.

Anonymous said...

Try this read. Sobara coming out with the "majority" talking point is less about a prediction of strength and more of a warning to the liberal war room, that if they don't come through with a majority win it won't be considered a win.
Tory will be congratulated even with a slim minority win, but Dalton will be looking over his shoulder for pointy objects if he doesn't get that majority.

Totally Tory said...

What was Sobara trying to prove with the majority comment? I think he is far more likely to trigger the "Liberal arrogance" reaction than he is to create any kind of bandwagon effect.

This is down to hand-to-hand combat in about 15, maybe 20 swing ridings now. The winner will be the party who can correctly identify which ridings those might be, and who allocate their resources accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Negative... Murder Victim's Family Attack's Tory's "deceitful" Crime Ad.

From today's Toronto Star:

But not all victims of crime are pleased that Tory is using them as props in his bid to win the election.

"It's very deceitful. It's totally inappropriate," Audette Shephard said about Tory's announcement yesterday and his new television ads that show a roadside memorial of flowers and a stuffed animal with the slogan, "Justice matters."

Shephard's 19-year-old son, Justin, was shot and killed in 2001.

"I do have a lot of respect for John Tory and for Dalton McGuinty and Howard Hampton. If they want to attack each other's policies, then that's fine but when you bring tragedy into it, (it) really leaves a bad taste for me," Shephard said.

"Tragedy is not a political game and I don't think someone's tragedy should be used in that kind of fashion."

Shephard doesn't hold out much hope for Tory's proposed reward program either.

Justin's murder remains unsolved – despite a $50,000 reward offered by the Toronto Police. It was later raised to $100,000 by his half brother, NBA star Jamaal Magloire.

"They had $100,000 and still people refused to come forward and I know that there are people that know," she said.

"It's very frustrating. I get very angry sometimes when people think throwing money at people is going to bring justice," said Shephard, a founding member of United Mothers Opposing Violence Everywhere.

CT said...

Just to clarify, you're not saying negative attacks are inappropriate, are you? Cuz that would mean that you'd have to, you know, take down your blog.