Friday, September 07, 2007

Union ad suggests McGuinty responsible for 1993 hospital expansion

What did Fiberals have to do with Sick Kids’ atrium? Er, nothing.

Well, if this doesn’t prove that the so-called Working Families Coalition are puppets of the McGuinty Fiberals, I don’t know what does.

The coalition’s health commercial includes a photo of the Hospital for Sick Children’s Atrium, the hospital's last major expansion. While it is on screen, the meat puppet reads the line: “local hospitals are expanding” or words to that effect (for some reason, the ad scripts are no longer up at the coalition’s website).

Unfortunately for Premier Pinocchio and his union Geppettos, the Atrium was opened 14 years ago, in 1993, when McGuinty was a rookie opposition MPP.


Matt said...

Nice catch Joan! Is there no low too low for that gang?

Bob in Ontario said...

Brilliant--and your're quite right--the Sick Kids expansion was funded by Bob Rae's NDP, who were problematic in more ways than I can count but they did invest a lot of money in hospital infrastructure.